Nokia 2.4 TA 1270 NV Ram And Security File Read from and working device and has been tested by me and many others, it can be used to repair IMEI lost on a device after flashing or soft bricked.

We can call safely call it IMEI Repair File because by just writing the file and boom your Imei is fixed, you don't even need to write another.

How To Use File To Repair IMEI Or Network Lost

The Nokia 2.4 TA 1270 Nvram and Security file is backup using Infinity CM2MT2 so basically to restore it back to another device, you'll need to use mc2mt2 to restore it then factory restore the device that's all 100% working and tested solution. 

NOTE: Restoring the NV Ram require BROM Connection which means the device must boot through preloader and so, we most need to connect through Test Point.

Nokia 2.4 TA 1270 Test Point Diagram

File Details

File Name: Nokia 2.4 Ta-1270 Security Files To Restore IMEI

File Size: 2.9MB



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