Icloud bypass is an evolutionary process, as Apple released new iOS software, they tend to patch loopholes that make the older iOS venerable.
This is the main reason why iCloud bypass is not static, there is no one single tool that does everything. You have to use different tools that do different things before you can archive what you're probably looking for.

iOS 15 iCloud Bypass has been a complicated situation since its first release which you must get DCSD, iRepair Box, Magico, and other iPhone servicing Cables. These tools will help to change some information on the motherboard before and iCloud bypass can be done on iOS 15.

Later on, the iOS 15 iCloud Bypass solution was developed and finally, you can bypass iOS 15 without needing the above-mentioned Tools but only on a device on Passcode and for Hello Screen devices you most need the tools to twerk Serial numbers.

Most iPhone servicing tools are more compatible with macOS and can get the job done smoothly without stress. 
Getting Mac PC or Running macOS on Windows PC is not that easy for most of the technicians out there. 
This is the main reason why I decided to make this post, which is to teach you how to change your iPhone Serial number without using any Mac PC or macOS installed. The Guide is a completely Windows-based tool.
Without must talking let's dive in;


Windows PC (with good Specs)
DCSD Cable, Magico or iRepair Box etc.


Quick Guide:

You need to put the device in Purple mode by using iFRP Ramdisk (Tested 100% working)

Install JCRepair SN Changer
Run it on your PC 
if it's your first time using the tool, you'll need to Create an Account
Log in and you should be able to see the available options in the Tool.

Write your preferred S/N

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