April 2020

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In today's post am going to give you a simple step on how to remove Itel S15 Privacy Lock Removed using a customized PAC file very small of just 353kb, isn't it interesting? it is, to use this method you don't need anything like Flashing box or Dongle, All you need is in this post for free.
This is the easiest step as it takes you not more than 2 minutes to finished everything, the file is compressed to 329kb which the original size it just 7.15mb plus flash tool of 3.37mb all doesn't take you 20mb, I can say this is also a data saving.


Download the files needed Link in the description below
Run the Flashtool
Load the Pac file you just downloaded
*. Go to Settings
*. Jump to Backup, at the *File Backup Section* and Untick all partition like the Image below

*. Press Ok and Start the Flashing process Ignore the Warning Pups and Continue

After the flashing finished Make 'FACTORY DATA RESET"
NOTE: Resetting the device after written the Privacy file is very important and failure to do so you might still face some privacy issues after phone boots.

"Nv data in phone Crashed" This error will occur only if you fail to untick the Nv properties in the Backup settings as shown in the above Guide

Video Tutorial Here

File Info And Links

File Name: ITEL_S15pro L6002P-9.0-OP-V038-Privacy File [Ourshopfix.com]
File Size: 353kb
File Type: RAR Archived
Password: No Password

Link For iTel S15 Privacy Lock File Here

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*. Lunch your NCK SPD module
*. Load custom Loader if your version is not supporting the Booth
*. Flash the Pac File (Link Above)
*. Make Factory Reset

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If you have question or need help, let thousands people solve the problem for you Join our community and forums to interact with others @ www.ourshopfix.site Forum @ www.ourshopfix.site/community

Hi Fellas!

I am back again, on this page am teaching you how to unbrick Nokia Ta 1130 Nokia 1 Plus Dead Bricked After flashing, this is as the result flashing a file or flashing a backup Rom.

The device is built on Mtk secured boot CPU, this means the CPU is among the Halio set which has some restrictions and blocked the database partition from with be written or read by flash tools or other flashing boxes and dongle, To do that you'll need a custom Da File or Authentication ( Auth ) File before you can perform any task on the device.

Sometimes you might hang on the boot loop boot screen saying you need a signed firmware to revive the device else device will reboot after 5 seconds.

This tutorial is not only for a dead brick fix but a fix to all software problems like;

Issues solved by the firmware Are; 

* Virus issues
* Touchpad not working after flashing
* Dead Boot Repair
* Rebooting Issues
* Unlock issues ( FRP/PRIVACY)
* Hang On Logo
* LCD Blank,
* Camera Not Responding
* Unfortunately App Has Stopped
* Automatic Data/Wifi On
*Unlock Network Lock
And much More...

Nokia 1 Plus Key Features

5.45-inch, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 960 X 480 pixels (218 ppi)
Android 9.0 (Pie), Go Edition
Quad-core MediaTek MT6739W CPU with 1GB RAM
8GB built-in storage, up to 128GB  with a memory card
8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera
2, 500 removable Li-ion battery

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FILENAME; Nokia TA-1130 Nokia 1 Plus Dead Brick File[Ourshopfix.com]


(This file is premium and so it's a paid file please don't download if not ready to Pay for it)

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NOTE; this file is only for Nokia Ta1130 Nokia 1 Plus do not flash on other device AND make sure your flashing the exact build for your device, because flashing wrong file can Brick your device

As we all know the first step to iCloud bypass is to jailbreak the iDevice, the popular tool for jailbreaking Apple products is Checkra1n thou is not the only tool that can be used, there are many others.
This post is going to teach you how to make checkra1n for jailbreaking iPhones using Windows PC, we will also provide you the links to download the tools needed for the procedure.

*. Download RUFUS
*. Checkra1n ISO Link

*- Connect your Flash drive (External drive you want to make boot on)
*- Run RUFUS
*- Click on the Disk Image
*- Navigate to where you saved the ISO you downloaded and Ok
*- Click on Start and you'll get a warning saying all the content on drive will be Erased, Ok and Continue
*-Wait for the process to finished


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Journey To Free iCloud Bypass

   the iCloud bypass is getting broad every day, as Apple company is trying it's best to block all possible way to bypass, people are also working day and night to see that the break the chain and make it possible to bypass, if we tracked back, Bypassing iCloud to have access to the inner contends begin somehow around 2018, but then it wasn't popular on YouTube for people to access it for free.

Around 2019 is when bypassing iCloud got viral on youtube for free, since then there are different programmers and hackers that started to work the iCloud bypass possible, on youtube alone there are over a hundred thousands videos on how to bypass iCloud, some make sales tools and some make free tools, I cloud bypassing started by using some tool to gain access to the iDevice's system root folder and delete the iCloud login required page, this will bypass the setup page and will let you get into the device.

These methods come with some limitations which over time programmers keep working day and night and the procedures are getting easier and accessible for everyone to use, for example, at the very beginning of free iCloud bypassing is not available for Windows users, only MAC users can access those tools because the tools are all MAC support Apps.
All these leads to the installation of Macmojave Mac IOS that support many windows PC's, this set the progress for Windows users to have more access to iCloud free bypass.

As time goes on, more tools are released for both MAC and windows, this is the time where many other people have the access to use iCloud tools for free.

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iCloud Limitations Overtime

Bypassing iCloud follow series of methods and different tools involved, Free iCloud bypass doesn't allow Calling and Data (main), Apps Store not working, Hang On Logo, Difficulty on Jailbreaking New IOS, Succession Error when drying to downgrade IOS 13.3+ to 13.2, etc.
Above are some of the frequent problems faced in the history of free iCloud bypassing, in times many tutorials and tools are made to fix such errors. 
The limits of phone calls and data are the apex of the challenges of free iCloud bypass today, most of the other issues have been fixed eg. 

- Apps Store issues on IOS 12.3+ on iPhone 6, 6s, 6+, etc by using a One-click fix Appstore tool. 

- Also the issues of Hang On Logo after downgrade was later fixed by installing Pulandres repo and install the safeshutdown crack App. Tutorial In Our Forum

- Checkra1n and Ra1nusb new versions are released immediately after Apple release new IOS, this brings end to the difficulty of Jailbreaking New IOS and many more. Windows Tutorial  / MAC Tutorial

- Fixing Network and Data is more challenging than all the other challenges, it is getting more interesting as the fix for Data and GSM is possible on Passcode and iphone disable devices.
thou this very sad for those that already flash their phones, what possibility do they have? it it also possible to fix network and data?

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