Here is a very light file not up to a 10MB that will help you to remove FRP / Google Account On Itel it1556 Plus without full flashing the device

 Here is a very light file not up to a 10MB that will help you to remove FRP / Google Account On Itel it1556 Plus without full flashing the device. This file is known as Data server as a file, the name is derived from its size, in .zip the file 6.1mb / 6.2mb while 49.7mb  when unzipped, the file is used to clear FRP (Google Account), instead of going around looking for a loader to use NCK or downloading the full flash file Online which sometimes doesn't fix the problem. To use this file you don't need any flashing Box Or Dongle, All you need in removing Itel it1556 Plus FRP are given in this Post For Free isn't it interesting?  it was.

What do you understand by FRP? 

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security method that was designed to make sure someone can't just wipe and factory reset your phone if you've lost it or it was stolen, this features are now available on almost all android device including this Itel it1556 Plus.
 It automatically becomes activated after doing a factory reset, when you set up a Google Account on your Itel it1556 Plus. Once FRP is activated, it prevents the use of a device after a factory data reset, until you log in using a Google username and password previously set up on the device.


The Itel it1556 Plus FRP Remove file is a PAC file just like other normal SPD flash file and can be used with any SPD flastool, like Spd Upgrade Tool, Miracle Box or Cracked, CM2 but we make it easier for you by Posting the free tool to use, Link can be found below this Post. NOTE; All the files have been tested using OurshopFix Spd Edited Tool Download link can be found below. 


Download the files needed Link in the description below

Run the Flashtool

Load the Pac file you just downloaded

*. Go to Settings

*. Jump to Backup, at the *File Backup Section

Untick all partition like the Image below

*. Press Ok and Start the Flashing process Ignore the Warning Pups and Continue

Start the flashing process.......


DOWNLOAD LINKS: full details coming soon

File Name:  I-(

File Size: 91.3MB

File Link

Password: null

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