Learn How To create a Functional Website without Coding Or knowing programming Language like html, css, javascript or jQuery

Have you ever wanted to own a personal or business Blog or E-commerce website?

If yes, then be glad you're in the right place to learn how to create a functional Website without coding or knowing any programming language.

On Ourshopfix forum we'll be teaching you how to build a fully responsive Website without knowing any programming language like Html, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Django, or Python, etc.

We will be using a platform like Blogger and WordPress to build those websites and we'll make them look professional like those they build with pure Html and CSS.

Also, we'll be tech you about other things like Local server when building a site on WordPress, we'll look at Free Hosting, How to buy domain names, how to set name servers, blogger DNS, and we'll also learn about free SEO and how to make our sites friendly with the Search engines.

The lists above are just the recap not all of the things because we will be teaching you guys many other things if you want to enjoyed and learn everything just signup on the forum here for the full tutorial list and tutorials:

Blogger Section: HERE

WordPress Section: HERE

Html Section: HERE

CSS Section Sections: HERE

Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel here for video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/c/ourshopfix

For any Question, Contribution or Request kindly register as a member on our forum: https://ourshopfix.site/sign-up/ For ease of access. Web Design Full Playlist Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn_4VsaZKPoB1rtju2brZdFOGhExaGzG9

Above are the quick links to the contents.


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  1. bro help me me i need to create a blog that can be accepted by google adsence

  2. Wait for it bro, we'll teach you how to do that from A-Z


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