Today we'll be looking at few techniques on how we can Repair IMEI, Enable Diag, And how to fix Unknown Baseband on Gionee M7 Power Gn5007. As we all know Gionee M7 power comes with Qualcomm CPU which makes it difficult to handle when it comes to flashing, fixing baseband, No service, or fixing IMEI. 
In this post am going to teach you how to fix Enable Diag Port and How to write QCN file without using any flashing box or dongle, All files needed will be dropped below this post for free.
Also, a video on how to do it can be found on our YouTube channel also the video will be attached below this post.

In fixing Unknown Baseband, Fixing No Service, And Repairing IMEI of a Qualcomm device can be done by restoring only the QCN File. This has been proved on Gionee S11 lite, S10, Ifinix X608, X622, X623, and Infinix X620. By restoring the QCN of those devices the Above issues got fixed successfully.



First of all, on any Qualcomm device, to restore the QCN file you'll need to enable Diag Port of such device. There are different methods that can be used to enable Diag port android device, some use CMD method which requires root access, some uses third-party Apps which also requires root access, but in this tutorial, I'll teach you how to enable diag port on Gionee Gn5007 M7 power without using any special code, CMD or root access. 

You can check out the video if you dont understand the steps

How To:

Turn on your device
Go to Settings and open developer option (if you couldn't see a developer option go to about phone and tap Build number several times)
Enable USB Debugging and OEM lock if Off
Scroll down and look for media
Tap on it and select Ethernet
By now two devices should show up in your device manager.
Manually install the drivers using the diag port driver downloaded from the link below

How To Write QCN File without Box or Dongle:

To write QCN file on Qualcomm device is something we did when trying to restore cellular or GSM database of a device. Qcn file can be restored using any Qualcomm box-like; qcfire, Miracle Box, Nck Qualcomm Module, etc. in our post we'll teach you how to write the qcn file without any of those boxes or dongle since not every technician have the money to purchase one or two.

How To:

Install QPST Tool from the Package downloaded below the post
Goto C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\QPST\bin and
Run qpstConfig and go to Clint Download
Navigate to Restore and Browse the Qpst file 
Tick the box that says Allow ESN mismatch
Then finally Tap on the Start button



File Name: Gionee M7 Power QCN And EFS File By Ourshopfix

File Size: 36.6MB

Password: Unprotected

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  1. It is password protected..Can anyone please provide the password. Unprotected is not working

    1. Download latest QPST here without password. https://www.mediafire.com/file/220h5xaxi1gd55m/QPST_2.7.496.zip/file


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