How to install google play store on all huawei / honor latest devices

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In today's post am going to teach you how to Install Google Play Store on Huawei / Honor Latest devices. it's paramount that some of the latest Huawei / Honor devices don't come with Gapps which stopped us from enjoying YouTube, Gmail, Gdrive, Google Playstore, etc.

For the convenience of using Android device, Google company provides some apps and services like Google Play Store, Google+, Google Books, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and others, which are known very well. Mostly they are called Google Apps but specialists shorten it to GApps, does applications are the most common Apps today to the extent that people things of the device as not original if it doesn't come with those Apps as part of the system applications. Usually, these services come preinstalled on Android devices as a part of Google Software. However, some of China-made devices are exception, Huawei / Honor is one of those devices.

What is Gapp?

A question is once asked in stackexchange on what is Gapp, which is answered as follows..

"GApps" is an unofficial package distributed in several forms and places containing Google applications and frameworks, not a ROM. You don't have to install GAPPS, but many users may wish to do so in order to access Google Play store and some applications that depend on Google Play services. Smartphone functions such as calling, SMS messages, internet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth work without GApps.

There's a replacement project MicroG in development and F-Droid is a comprehensive repository and "app store" for open-source Android applications.
Tha explanation also set the record straight, by this short explanation I believe you all know what we meant by Gapp and by knowing you should know what you'll read below.


Download HiSuite and Install

Download the Google Play Packages Here

Copy update.apk to Documents\Hisuite\backup

Copy Google Service to the Phone's storage

Go to Phone's settings and enable the USB debugging option in Developer

Connect Device and Run the HiSuite Software (Allow permissions if requested make sure your device is successfully connected)

Go to Backup on the HiSuite tool (Input hw123456 as password) 

At this moment you should see a chinese App (lzplay) with the G logo
Tap on it and click on ACTIVATE
After clicking the Activate it should take you to the authorize/installed page ( In Chinese language ) just click the big blue button at the button, if this fails to install the Google Apps, that is okay, just quite the App and go to your file manager

Locate the Google Services folder you copied to device and install the Apps manually from App 1 - 7  accordingly.

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