What's up guys, in today's tutorial going to teach you how to use the MTK feature phones flash tool.

What's Mtk feature phones? 
when we talked about feature phones, we are not specifically talking about Tecno, iTel, Rokea, etc.
when we say MTK feature phones we are talking about the Button / Keypad phones with MTK CPU's, Any Button / Keypad phone is known as a feature phone.

As we all know and witness, any device running the software will one day be faulty and could turn out to be a software problem, in that case, the need to flash such devices will rise, the popularity of the Android smartphones today overshadowed the feature phones. this is the reason why the feature phones are very rare in the market and the flashing of those phones became less to the Technicians, thou there are new and latest designs of feature phones released in the market every year.

Flashing those feature phone is different flashing Android smartphones thou the CUP might be same ( MTK ) but the Methods, Tools, And the Flash file differs. 
We simply use Spflashtool for MTK Android phones, For Feature phones is otherwise, this is because the Android Flash File / Firmware has "Scatter FIle" as it's file's Loader while the Feature phone uses .cfg as the file's loader.

To make the long story short, Flashing a feature phone you'll need the feature phone flash tool, the flash tool support both .cfg .txt and .bin, etc. As mentioned earlier, Feature phone's feature use .cfg the tool also supported that, that's the main reason we recommend this tool for flashing feature phones.
Note: This tool accepts the only factory signed firmware else you'll be experiencing difficulties

Flashtool Details:

NAMEFlashTool_v5.1420.00 _(www.ourshopfix.com)

SIZE: 8.03


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  1. When I click on download I got this message
    Failed to enumerate a certain COM port.
    I don't understand please help me. Three days today I used to flash itel 2160 but today I used the same file and click download and that message shown to me.


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