Tecno BF7 / BF7j Brom Blocked Solution Latest Security 2023, MDM Solution, Test Point, Easy Buy

Tecno BF7/ BF7J 2023 Brom And MDM Easy Buy Solution Latest Security.

A lot went down after October 2022 when most of the devices stop supporting Test Point to enter Brom mode. Since then, the current devices that have been updated from October/2022 to 2023 till date stop accepting Test Point to BROM Alone side any new Infinix, Tecno, or Itel Mew device within the time to 2023.

Since Last year November, a lot has been going around, looking up and down trying to find solutions to the Brom blocked devices.
Later run a partial solution was out. but that solution worked with EMMC being removed. that is for sure not for 80% percent of the software engineers out there.

The Good news is what Gingered me to write those posts.
Am happy to announce to you that a New 2023 solution is out for Tecno BF7 And BF7 Pro. This solution work 100% for the mentioned models and has been tested by me and other clients. 
I myself did more than 10 pieces, so nothing like trial and error.

F.A.Qs About the New 2023 Solution

Q: Does the solution need? 

Q: Is a Test Point Needed?

Q: Need To Lose Phone?

Q: Any circumstances that the solution might fail to fix my version of the device?
A: No, It supports all BF7, BF7 Pro

Q: Can It Work For other models like X665e, X665c, Kg5, etc?
A: Not really because the solution required files to disable latest build security. so, can't say will work for other devices.

Q: Do you have a solution for other models?
A: Yes sure, you just need to come to my inbox and ask.

I believe the little above should answer some of the questions you have in mind regarding the solution.


SOLUTION: TECNO BF7 Latest Security 2023 Brom blocked bypass

Requirements: CM2, Brom Modified file to allow preloader boot, other tools will
be disclosed after purchase. File Size: 2.4GB

Status: Paid Solution

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