In This Post, I'll share with you the solution for permanent Easy buy removal for Infinix X652b Hot 10i SPD.


Before anything, I'll like to make a declaimer, the act of removing an administrator App from any device automatically voids one's warranty and is also recognized as an illegal thing to do in other Countries. So, whatsoever you planned to do with the solution provided here is at your own risk and one should be held accountable for it than you.

Let's get down to business. 

Easy Buy And Palm Pay are Microfinance companies that lean money to people in need with commission attached, they also sell items on mortgages you pay in installments. this has been working over time.

How does it work for them to sell items in Installments to people they do not know or don't have an idea of where they exactly leave? Well, they have technology in place that was believed to be in charge of triggering a sanction by Blocking the Item from carrying out various activities. 

The same thing goes for phones on rentals, if you collect a phone on installment or borrow money using App and fail to pay it back as Agreed then the security put in place will be triggered and locked the phone automatically without any third-party interference.

Inbuild Security To Block Device 

Now That We Know How This Works, How Do We Get Rid Of It?

In This Post, I'll share with you the solution for permanent Easy buy removal for Infinix X652b  Hot 10i SPD.

For a long time now, the anti-relock solution for MTK Android 9,10, and 11 are available and has been working perfectly unlike the latest Spd like the Infinix X652b  Hot 10i SPD that relocks after few days. 

This Infinix X652b Hot 10i SPD solution will help to get rid of the security plugin itself, which we all know was the system App responsible for triggering the restrictions.

When I say permanent I mean gone and no relock later on the Infinix X652b  Hot 10i SPD. this solution is not like the earlier method that we just Flash format with Cm2 which will later relock in the future. this will permanently remove the Security Plugin from the device and this will keep the device away from remotely being disabled again.

Work Evidence 👇👇

File information

File Name: Infinix X652b Hot 10i Easy-Buy File

File Size: 1.7GB



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