In today's post, we'll cover a full guide on how to remove a google account on Tecno KD7 Spark 5

In today's post, we'll cover a full guide on how to remove a google account on Tecno KD7 Spark 5, to do this, you don't need any flashing box or dongle, no penny cost, and data consumed, everything is as easy as ABC. Everything needed for this, the download link will be available for free, Link below the Post.

What do you understand By The Word Da File? 

The word DA File Stands for Download Agent. It is a piece of file with Extension having .bin format that serves as a connector between the flash tool and your device. It enables the flash tool to communicate with a secure boot device's CPU. Without DA File the flash tool cannot READ or WRITE on the phone's CPU. In this post, You'll have the access to the direct link to download  Tecno KD7H / KD7S Spark 5 Frp File for Google Account removal.

How To Remove FRP On Tecno KD7 Spark 5 With Sp Flashtool

In the below video tutorial, you'll learn how to remove FRP on Tecno KD7 Spark 5 which also works for All MTK Android devices running any Android Version be it Nougat, Marshmallow, Oreo, or Android Pie, or even Android Q which are popularly known as Android Version 6, version 7, version 8, and Android version 9, Android version 10 and other versions to come in the future.

This  Tecno KD7 Spark 5 Frp Remove method is the easiest and secure method to remove FRP on All MTK devices, this is because we indicate only the FRP partition and format it, this differs from writing another FRP file that might be bricked the device is incompatible with the phone.

In summary what we just did is we defined the Begin and End address of the FRP address of the  Tecno KD7 Spark 5 and tell the Spflash tool to format only that defined partition, Watch the video from A-Z it's easy and simple to understand.
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How to use Da with EFT.

NOTE: This EFT method doesn't support All devices


*. Go to Android Tab

*. Jump to MTK

*. Choose DA file and Tick Clear FRP

*. Press the START Button

You'll a successful message say FRP removed OK

Video On How to Use DA File NCK

NOTE: This NCK method doesn't support All devices

This Nck Crack Method Doesn't work for all secure boot phones sometimes require the latest version of the Nck Dongle so is more advisable to use NCK dongle not Crack to Avoid Errors, By using the Dongle on some Secure boot phones you might encounter an error saying DA path not available for that, kindly change the FRP option from Auto to Erase FRP option.

You can Also use Other Tool like Miracle Thunder etc to do it by using a custom Da file


File Title: Tecno Spark 5 KD7h Frp Package []

File Size: 3.1Mb

NOTE: Use Uni-2_DA.bin as the DA File its already tested and working fine
Password: pass

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