Repair Imei on Infinix X690, X690B, X680 And Other Latest Model Devices with or without Box or Dongle


This solution can be used on a normal device which will change the Original IMEI, We are not selling this tool out for any of the ILLEGAL use, this is only for people trying to repair already corrupted IMEI, OurshopFix or any Staff from Our company won't be held responsible for any misuse of tool be cautioned

Good day, guys,

In today's post, you'll be guided and shown the possible methods that can be used to repair IMEI  on the Infinix X690, X690B, X680, And  All Other Latest Model Devices.

it is no longer news that the Infinix x690 and the other latest devices IMEI repair is possible because it has already been tested with Dongle and without dongle which is working perfectly, in this guide we'll showing you guys the two methods that can be used in repairing the IMEI, Method One, by using NCK dongle/box or Avengers Dongle/Box. Method two, by using any Meta mode IMEI writing tool like Maui Meta 3G tool, etc.

Firstly before you head down to the comment section and start talking about how the device will go to META mode, because the device doesn't boot to META mode when connected, it boots up to normal immediately. you are right because the security of the new devices is advanced and patched, This make Maui Meta is not able to boot the device to META mode directly like the other devices. Thou putting the Infinix x690 and others is now possible as you can see in the image below.

Infinix X690 in META MODE

The image above shows you the Infinix X690 in  META mode ready to be connected with NCK or other Meta modes IMEI writing tool.

The log showing the successfully repaired IMEI on Avengers is shown below.

Logs On Avengers Showing Successful X690 IMEI Repaired

Now with the above short explanation, you should be convinced that the IMEI repair of Infinix X690, X690B, X680, And Other Latest Model Devices is now available and 100% working already tested by us.



Requirements are as follows;

  • META mode driver installed (Very important)
  • META mode Pust Tool ( Paid Solution, To Get The Tool, Whatsapp on +2348108421617  )
  • NCK Or  Avengers Box/Dongle ( Optional, IMEI can still be repaired without Box or Dongle)
  • X690 or Other devices available for IMEI repair
  • Original USB Cord 

When you get the above requirements then you're done with all the latest soo call anti-meta mode devices.

For those people that don't have Box/Dongle after buying the META mode Pust Tool, we'll give you a tool to use without Box or Dongle.

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