in this post you will learn how to jailbreak an iphone device, both windows and MacOS tutorials with the full access to download the jailbreak software

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Hi Fellas, in this post I’ll be teaching  you both the Mac and Windows guide on how to jailbreak all IPhone, iPad, IPod etc. we will also provide both windows and Mac software for the process, the download link will be attached  below this post for free.

Why Jailbreak an IPhone device?

To jailbreak your iPhone is to free it from the limitations imposed on it by its manufacturer (Apple) and carrier (for example, AT&T, Verizon, and others). After a jailbreak, the device can do things it previously couldn't, such as install unofficial apps and modify settings and areas of the phone that were previously restricted.

Jailbreaking works by installing a software application on your computer and then having it transfer certain instructions to the phone so that it can essentially break open the file system. A jailbreak comes with a collection of tools that let you modify what otherwise could not be modified.

Jailbreaking lets you do everything from customizing the look of your iPhone to installing third-party applications, which are titles that are not authorized.

People jailbreak for a purpose, some jailbreak to remove the users restrictions, some to bypass iCloud, for any reason you want to jailbreak congrats you’re at the right place because in this post we’ll teach you the process and also give you the tools to use for free.

Jailbreak For Windows

As you promised above, this section will be the tutorial section for windows users. This is a method that doesn’t require special Laptop to install a MasOs operating system or run virtual machine software with a Macs OS. it is  completely independent Obuntu boot that uses EFI boot to get into the system, all you need for this;

  • Original USB flash Dirive
  • Rufus / Etcher Software
  • The Checkra1n ISO boot File 

This are the 3 requirements needed to jailbreak with Checkra1n Windows.

If you have question or need help, let thousands people solve the problem for youJoin our community and forums to interact with others @ 
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Guides on how to ( Windows Tutorial )

Step 1: 

Mount the ISO on your flash drive using Rufus / ETCHER ( Software link will be drop below the Post )

To do that, install Rufus / ETCHER, connect your usb drive, on the Rufus / ETCHER software
Select the ISO file
Select the usb drive you want to mount the boot On
The Start Flash ( Sit back and wait for the process to finished )

Step 2: 

- Turn off your Pc
- On the pc pressing your boot Key ( boot keys varies from to PC’s for HP is f9, DELL is f12 etc ).
This will take you to boot order select USB with the Ufi label And press enter, wait for the Ubuntu’s boot to process 
- Select the boot you like, mostly I use the first boot.

After the script it will ask for login details;
Login: anon
Password : voidlinux
Press enter, now will take you directly to Ubuntu terminal then type 
“sudo checkra1n”
Congrats if you have made it to this stage if not then redo the stages

Step 3: 

Connect your phone and follow the screen instructions.
To quit the Application press down ctrl + Alt + Del all together at once.
Video tutorial on how to do this will be in the link below.

Guides on how to ( Apple PC or MacOs Tutorial ) 

MacOS tutorial is most easier than the Windows tutorial, for mac all you need is to download checkra1n the link will be available below the post.
Download the software it’s in .dmg format which we believe to be an Apple software format.
Install and Run then follow the screen instructions..

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