download nck dongle pro drivers and software setups free download uploaded to mega drive

Nck Dongle is one of the most populist flashing dongle with support more than thousand devices,
can also be known as a multifunctional phone servicing tool that supports a wide range of smartphones to help you with flash, software repair, and unlocking procedures also. like Infinity Chinese Miracle (CM) II, Miracle, GSM Aladdin it also designed for remote unlocking of IMEI Code calculation, etc. In this post, we will provide you mega drive folder link to get all the files need for NCK dongle,  also we will take time to explain some of the nck dongle features.

How Begin With NCK Dongle

To use NCK dongle you'll first need to purchase the Dongle tool kit, it might be normal Nck dongle or Nck dongle Pro or Nck pro + UMT (2in1), anyone you have the installation procedures are same, just follow the guide.

- Dongle Driver Installer:
Before your computer dictates the dongle kit you first need to install the driver software, install the driver base on your Operating System either 32 or 64 bit, both the versions can be found in the link below this post. after installing the driver the computer should be able to communicate with the dongle.

- NCK Main:
This is one of the software available for updating the dongle information to make sure the kit is still valid and legal. Before you start using the dongle there will be the need to run nck main software and update the nck dongle card

- Interfaces Setups: 
NCK dongle is not like Miracle Thunder that come as a single interface with all functionalities in it, NCk dongle have different interfaces which each of them come separately according to phones CPU's for instance MTK Android software is different fro SPD Android Software also Qualcomm interface come separately, to use any of the software you have to install independently, we will manage to always update the link whenever NCK official site update the software

NCK Dongle Key Features

Unlimited Unlock operations
Read BlackBerry Unlock Codes

Calculate BlackBerry 5 Level Codes via IMEI & MEP
Calculate BlackBerry 5 Level Codes via IMEI & PRD
Read Codes for HTC (OMAP & Qualcomm)
Read/Write Firmware
FRP Reset
IMEI Repair
Write MTK Factory Flash (Flash files can be found in support area only)
Format phones
Reset factory defaults (ZTE phones with counter)
Read info and provider ID
Display Codes on PC
Supports latest PIDs
Reads LG Correct Code for Connected phone with RJ45 Cable + FTDI and USB
Unlock Code Calculations for Alcatel cell phones, Calculates 5 levels of Unlock Codes + All Existing PIDs Supported
Unlock Code Calculations for ZTE cell phones
Unlock Code Calculations for Motorola WX-series cell phones
Unlock Code Calculations for Vodafone cell phones
Unlock Code Calculations for SFR cell phones
Unlock Code Calculations for ZTE Android B03/B04 cell phones
Read Unlock Codes for LG Infineon cell phones
Factory Reset for LG Infineon based cell phones
USB Dongle protected
Standalone features
Multi Flashing, language changing
Direct Unlock
Read Unlock Codes
Standalone calculator
File manager
User Code and Factory Reset
Unlimited unlocking
Remove Sim Lock
Repair BT
Repair IMEI
Wipe Phones
Remove Google account
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 compatible

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