How to boot GIONEE S10 Lite, S10C, S10CL into EDL Mode through Test Point (Edl Point) or Download Mode

In today's post i will teach you how to force GIONEE S10 Lite, S10C, S10CL into EDL mode using the TP (Test Point). you'll need this if your phone is completely dead and not dictating PC maybe after flashing the device got bricked. As the result of that phone not dictating Computer again even when you press down the volume Keys nothing change.
Carefully follow this post you get the steps to make it boot to EDL then flash your correct firmware.

GIONEE S10 Lite, S10C, S10CL is a Gionee smart phone powered by Qualcomm CPU. As a mobile Software engineer you should know about EDL or Download mode since most of the activities to be carried out on Qualcomm phone need does mode. EDL MODE: Devices with Qualcomm chipsets have a Primary Bootloader (PBL) which typically boots the Android system, but also houses an alternative boot mode known as EDL mode. EDL mode is Qualcomm’s Emergency Download Mode and allows an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to force flash software on a device. This cannot be modified (read-only mode) and has full control over the device’s storage. This simply means in order to write or Read On the Emmc you'll need to boot the phone to EDL mode. This post forcuses mainly on how to force Gionee F6 to EDL or Download.



 * Get access to the inner part ( in this process you most dismantle the phone )

 * Locate two golden point ( See the Image above indicated with RED Box )

 * Make sure the device is completely Shutdown ( preferable disconnect the battery and connect again )

 * Then use picker to bridge the two golden point as shown in the Image above.

 * Plug USB cable ( PC show now dictates the phone in EDL )

 * Lastly Check Device Manager if you see Anything like the Image below the phone successfully booted to EDL.

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