this post contain infinix x608 hot 6 pro flashing files ans flashing tools, it also contain software for fixing infinix half applications issues after flashing

Infinix Half Application solution (Without Box to Erase flash)

As we all know the Infinix x608 known as Hot6 pro is Qualcomm base CPU unlike Infinix Hot 6 which is MTK based CPU, a problem just been faced when we flash the phone with different flash tool like Miracle Box or Crack, Qfil etc other than the Qualcomm Special Tool, the when will come with just few applications while many will Disappear, the Top Bar won't Drop down, also when you install other applications like Xander file manager etc through other means, when the phone reboot all the application you installed will also Disappeared.

So without too much talking what's the main point in this post?
Others have been selling out the Qualcomm Special Flash Tool to people without telling them that they need box to erase Firmware First, So in this tutorial am goin to show you how to go about it if you don't have any Box to erase Firmware..

If you Buys flash file and flash tool and you flash your phone completely without having your phone fixed the way you expect how will you feel? Cheated right? Okay don't worry no one will cheat you here your on the right site to have your phone fixed. All you need is a little bit Brain and follow the steps carefully, the solution have been tested already by me and other I helped online. It's genuine solution 100% working.


1) Miracle Box Or Cracked version 2.58

2) Two Firmwares All are Available free on Hovatek website

3) Qualcomm Special Flash Tool ver1.19 (Build: 6) which will be posted here (if your interested)

4) Tool to fix IMEI after flash

Those are the four things you need if you have them all then good just Calm down and follow the steps it's simple and easy.


First Step;
You'll first need to erased the device, if you have any Box that can erase the device Good but if you don't have any Box to erase just keep following the steps, we will do it all without Box.
For does that doesn't have box to erase the device you most download the two firmware, download the first one "HERE" this file is a Backup file from Hovatek, we will use that file to erase the phone.
- Download this  prog_emmc_firehose_8917_ddr extract and copy to to the firmware you download above (X608-QL1661ABCDEF-O-180604V15).

    When you done with that let's proceed

- Open your Miracle Box or crack

- Go to the Qualcomm Tap nod Navigate to Flashing.

- Navigate to FireHose, Untick the ''Auto'' Box at the front

- Open Programmer and locate the prog_emmc_firehose_8917_ddr you copied to the firmware folder

- Then select the others (RawProgram and a patch File)

- Turn off  your phone and open the back cover there are two golden point (see in the picture attached),

Diagram from

remove battery connector then connect USB cable and use Metal Picker to Bridge the two golden points, this will boot the phone to EDL mode for flashing, then Plug the Battery Connector back.

- Try either one of two, (I) Tick Use New Method (in miracle tool) and the Start Flash. If flashing doesn't start with the new method then (II) Untick the New Method and Flash.

Flashing this file with miracle will erase the previous firmware and phone will not come up again only RED blinking lights will show.

First Step Finished ( we have erased the phone and we are done with Miracle Tool and The first Firmware.)

Second Step;
(Get Fresh Factory File And Factory  FlashTool)

Download Factory Firmware From Hovatek Link Here;
You  Can purchase Qualcomm flash Tool from us Download Here
( Contact for passtpas What's app; +2348108421617 )
if you already have it you don't have to buy but make sure is the right version needed for the job. if you have then proceed.,..

- Open your Qualcomm flashtool and Run 'ets.startrun'   login *( Login password is; administrator)

- Set USB port by clicking the USB' tap,

 make sure you your phone listed ( you'll see something like 11 USB_xxx )

Take NOTE of  the port number were  your phone is

 Close the usb tap and Click on 'SET' there are several ports available chose anyone and change the default port number to the one your phone is labeled with.

Select Folder

press OK, you'll see file verification page like this;

After verification your device should be listed like this;

If your device is not listed, then Close the software and Run again till you see the above  picture.

then the Click on ''START ALL''

Wait for the flashing  process to begin
after flashing you see this screen

remove battery and plug back.


Cobtact for Password= +2348108421617
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