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Saturday, May 4, 2019

How to Edit QCN File And Change The IMEI In It

Here on this post am going to teach you how to Locate the IMEI and change it.
 As we all know, IMEI that Come with QCN file will be written on any device we later fix with same QCN file which is not the one we all need.
In the post i'll be showing you how to change the IMEI with the one you want.

What is QCN file?

Qcn means qualcomm calibration network file. basically qcn file built in all samsung galaxy mobile phone and latest android mobile phone. qcn is the main and sensitive file of network hidden in the deepest core of mobile phone internal memory file system in efs folder.


Requirements are #IMEI converter and #HxD, since HxD support only HEX addresses we need imei converter to convert the imei into HEX.

- Take Note of the Original Imei in the QCN file, covert it using IMEI converter to get the HEX address
- Convert the IMEI you want to use into HEX,
- Open the QCN file using HxD tool, search for the Original HEX and replace with the New HEX
- Do same for the second IMEI and Save as new .QCN
For better understanding Watch the video below..



* HxD

Password: pass

Use this Tools to replace the Original IMEI, As Changing of IMEI is Illegal in most Countries e.g Nigeria. we don't encourage it, The video is for educational purpose Only.
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  1. Bro. will this work with the new Samsung Snapdragon phones? and how do I write the qcn back to the phone?


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