On this page we'll show you all you needed to know about octoplus digital license without box, with all the feature, how to buy the lience and how to activate it

You Can Buy License on our Store here

Hi Felas!
Here on this page, we'll show you all you needed to know about Octoplus digital license to use Octoplus without box, with all the feature, Where to buy the license and how to activate it

Octoplus Digital License Activation is a new improvement by the Octoplus company, thou this is not the first technology invention in the world of Box/Dongles Companies.  The adoption of Digital License that gives people without box/dongle access to enjoy the full advantage of the Box/Dongle with the use of an authenticator without the need of any Box or Dongle.
This digital license technology has been invented by other companies like Chimera, EFT Pro, and others, the service is working fine and have all the box/dongle features.

Octoplus digital license is split like the chimera, the module is split according to CPU's or Brands. eg, Samsung Module, LG Module, Huawei Module, etc.
The price of the Licence is based on the Module type, there is also All in One License which powers all the modules.
The Octoplus License is available for 6 Months and For 1 Year for Now  CHECK OUR STORE FOR MORE.

A single module can be activated for either a half year or full year. the half-year will be active for 6 months complete with the full feature but lesser price than the full-year license while the full-year license is of a higher price than the half-year license and lasted for the range of 12 months.

You might have other questions not mentioned in the explanations above, we'll manage to list some of the frequently asked questions and their answers below.

You Can Buy License on our Store here


What is it?

Digital License is a digital product with the same functionality as activations that doesn`t require any dongle or box and is bound to your PC.

So what's the point?
You have a choice: invest in a physical carrier with unlimited usage or spend little money on a short-term license. Besides that there is no shipping fee, so you're saving on this as well and you don't have to wait for delivery.

What options are available?
Separate licenses for LG, Samsung, Huawei, FRP and FULL all-in-one combining them all.

Are they unlimited?
No, they are limited in time. 6 month or 1 year period.

Can I upgrade 6 months license to 1 year?
Unfortunately no, that's not possible. You can arrange an exchange with your seller if you hadn't used it though.

I own a box already. Do I need this?
No, you don't

Does that mean I have to pay each year to use my box?
No, you don't

Can I activate a timed license on my box?
No, there are no possible reasons to do so. You can buy a license and use them independently if you want or buy an unlimited activation for box users.

Can I convert my box to digital unlimited license?
No, there is no such possibility

So who will need this?
New customers who don't own any product from Octoplus family yet

Is there any difference between digital license and box (dongle)?
In terms of functionality, there is no difference. The digital license is limited in time, whereas the box is not. And you must be connected to the Internet all the time.

And what about the support area access?
License users can't register at Boot-Loader.com, but an alternative support area is accessible from Octoplus software.

Does digital license require credits too?
Yes, there is no difference. Server-based operations require the same amount of credits as for box users.

Can I buy a license for credits?
No, credits are not accepted as a payment method.

Can I use it on multiple PCs?
Yes, if they are yours and you're not sharing your licenses with someone else. You can switch between PCs after 48 hrs from the last HWID activation. During COVID-19 pandemic we allow using the same license on 2 PCs without switching limits.

Octoplus Supported Devices And Features

General Information:

  • This license will be bound to your PC. No dongle or box is required.
  • PC can be changed once per 48 hours (during the COVID-19 period)When things will get back to normal, this time will be increased up to 72 hours.
  • After the end of the 1 year period, you will have to buy this license again. When we confirm your payment and process your order, we will send your activation code and detailed instructions to your email.
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