On this page you will get picasa offline installer free download.


Picasa is a free photo editing and sharing program 
provided by Google and it is available on both Windows and Mac.
     It has many abilities that you will love. Picasa provides you with all the
features that are used in a photo-editing program, but free of charge. 
With Picasa you can resize your images, crop them, remove red eye, 
add effects, retouch, enhance colors, and much more. 
Also In addition to all this, Picasa also gives you an excellent way of 
organizing your existing images, by using facial recognition. Here’s how it works:
the software goes through all of your photos,
determines which photos include the same person and groups those photos together.
It goes without saying that the software is not always correct, 
so gives you the option of confirming its selection. Once this is complete,
locating photos of a specific person just by searching them by name is 
incredibly simple. The program gives even more organizing options: 
you can tag photos and even geotag them, meaning you can add information 
about where the photo was taken

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